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Visits to Tong Seng Nursery

On August 28, 2021, the Malaysian International Durian Industry Development Association Secretary-General Edwyn Chiang and representatives visited the Tong Seng Nursery. Tang Tiansheng, the managing director of Tong Seng Nursery Orchard, personally took everyone to visit the durian orchard in Karak. Tang Tiansheng introduced that several decades ago, Mr. Huang Chongming used a shotgun to shot a sprouts Raja Kunyit plant the in his garden. And gives it to Tang Tiansheng, the managing director of Tong Seng Nursery Orchard.

Tang Tiansheng commercialized the fruit seedlings of Raja Kunyit King Musang King at that time and carried it to the whole of Malaysia. Spending on loose leaves allowed more people to own Musang King varieties and also allowed more people to taste the delicious Musang King. Over the course of several decades Tang Tiansheng did not forget to push Musang King to a higher peak, and vigorously promoted Musang King in Malaysia. Tang Tiansheng deserves his name as the founder of Musang King fruit seedlings and also won the award at the 5th Malaysia Shennong Model. <<Agriculture Development Outstanding Contribution Award>>, for 30 years of persistence and dedication in the field of agriculture, and finally won the highest affirmation in the agricultural industry.

From Raja kunyit native tree owner Su Dengwen to Raja Kunyit King D197 Mr. Huang Chongming that registered, the official registration was under Huang Chongming's name in 1993. Later, Tong Seng Nursery Orchard went to nursery seedlings and promoted and sold the officially certified D197 Musang King seedlings. After about year 2000. Musang King is already well-known, and it is promoted by many different fields and classes to enter the foreign market, especially the Chinese market. Today, Musang King can be said to be a household name.

Tang Tiansheng also introduced the century-old Durian tree in the durian garden, and Tang Tiansheng also shared his personal experience with everyone. He presented his recently published personal book to each of us as a souvenir.